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Featuring Baseball Classics Next Generation Real-Time Color-Coded Player Cards With Animated Drag & Drop, Point & Click Realistic MLB Game Action On The Web


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"Simply put, the best game ever and I have played all!!"

- Douglas Love, MLB fan & Baseball Classics customer


"One Look, In 5 Seconds I Knew How To Play Baseball Classics"

- Rick Zak, MLB fan & Baseball Classics customer

20th Century MLB Greats Set 1

10 historic MLB teams representing each decade, 5 AL & 5 NL teams, with rosters up to 24 players
1901 Pittsburgh Pirates ● 1919 Chicago White Sox ● 1927 New York Yankees ● 1934 St. Louis Cardinals ● 1945 Chicago Cubs ● 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers ● 1968 Detroit Tigers ● 1973 Oakland Athletics ● 1985 Kansas City Royals ● 1995 Atlanta Braves

20th Century MLB Greats Set 2

10 historic MLB teams representing each decade, 5 AL & 5 NL teams, with rosters up to 24 players
1908 Chicago Cubs ● 1917 Boston Red Sox ● 1922 St. Louis Browns ● 1933 New York Giants ● 1948 Cleveland Indians ● 1957 Milwaukee Braves ● 1961 New York Yankees ● 1975 Cincinnati Reds ● 1982 St. Louis Cardinals ● 1991 Minnesota Twins

20th Century MLB Greats Set 3

10 historic MLB teams representing each decade, 5 AL & 5 NL teams, with rosters up to 24 players
1903 Boston Americans ● 1912 New York Giants ● 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates ● 1939 New York Yankees ● 1940 Cincinnati Reds ● 1954 Cleveland Indians ● 1969 New York Mets ● 1970 Baltimore Orioles ● 1980 Philadelphia Phillies ● 1994 Montreal Expos

20th Century MLB Greats 3 Set Bundle

All 3 Sets With 30 historic MLB teams representing each decade, 15 AL & 15 NL teams, with rosters up to 24 players

All-Time Old-Timers MLB Greats

10 historic MLB teams representing each decade, 5 AL & 5 NL teams, with rosters up to 24 players
28 MLB Player Rosters each of American League and National League All-Time Old-Timers for a total of 56 legendary MLB greats!  Each roster contains 16 position players and 12 pitchers.

"One Look, In 5 Seconds I Knew How To Play Baseball Classics"

- Rick Zak, MLB fan & Baseball Classics customer
Here's What's Inside Every Baseball Classics Web Play Game!

Fast, Easy, Realistic Color-Coded Next Generation Real-Time MLB Play

Normally $97 NOW ONLY $69.97!

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Baseball Classics MLB Greats Games
You'll get instant access to everything you need to play Baseball Classics MLB Greats Web Play Games!

We invested hundreds of hours in design & development to ensure our industry leading board game is also the best online baseball board game experience for MLB fans...ever!
  • Baseball Classics Next Generation Real-Time Web Play Game
  • ​Packaged Historic MLB Teams (Rosters up to 24 players per team)
  • ​Next Generation Color-Coded Player Card Ratings Design
  • ​Proven Statistically Accurate Player Outcomes (within millionth percentile)
  • ​Authentic MLB Game Play (Stealing, fielding, wild pitches, rain delays, etc.)
  • ​42 Color-Coded Batting & Pitching Stat Categories (Includes Sabermetrics)
  • ​Real-Time Line-up Advisor (Suggests who to play where and when)
  • ​Drag & Drop Player Lineup Substitutions and Pitching Changes
  • ​Real-Time Pitching Optional Play With Balls, Foul Balls, & Strikes!
  • ​3 Game Play Levels, Ages 8 To Adult (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • ​Baseball Classics Field Manager's Rulebook (How to play Baseball Classics)
  • ​​Baseball Classics Online Game Rulebook (Online game play features)
  • Baseball Classics Built-in Online Scoresheet (Print and/or download!)
  • Baseball Classics Animated Game Dice
  • ​​Baseball Classics Point & Click Scorefield Game Board
  • ​Baseball Classics Umpire Clicker (Fastest way to track your game action)
  • ​Scorefield Game Board & Umpire Clicker Synchronized
  • ​Baseball Classics Coaching Hints (Just in time how-to explainers)
  • ​Plays In Most Any Web Browser (Designed for phone, tablet, lap or desktop)
  • Automatic Game Play Feature Enhancement Updates

From: Dean Patino
Highlands Ranch, CO

Dear MLB fan,

My name is Dean Patino, founder of Baseball Classics.

We took our industry leading next generation real-time MLB board game online so you and all fans can conveniently play it super fast and easy on your phone, tablet, lap, or desktop.

We packaged the greatest MLB teams in history for you can manage and play them at your fingertips.

The best way for you to learn more about these legendary teams and players is to experience playing them with our color-coded design instantly revealing all their strengths and weaknesses.

Dean Patino

"One Look, In 5 Seconds I Knew How To Play Baseball Classics"

- Rick Zak, MLB fan & Baseball Classics customer

Each Baseball Classics color-coded player card is designed to share compelling stories about their MLB season.  To give you all the data you need to make informed decisions from building your lineups, to know who to bring in, when, and why as you make key managerial decisions in with our real-time game play.

"Over 30 years ago I wanted access to play ANY MLB teams or players 1901-Present in a fast, easy, & statistically accurate baseball game with truly authentic MLB realism...
...It Didn't Exist...So I Built It Leveraging My Computer Software Development Background"
- Dean Patino, Baseball Classics Founder
You Can Play Like They Did...With Balls & Strikes!

Baseball Classics Real-Time Pitching

Play with the 60' 6" dramatic hard fought battle between pitcher, batter, and strike zone

"One Your player cards are truly the best of the best."

- John Kuchar, TBC Games
Optionally, you can choose to play how they did...the ultimate showdown between pitcher and hitter...

...with balls and strikes called, foul balls too.  This includes swinging and called strikes!  Welcome to this exciting feature included in your game; Baseball Classics Real-Time Pitching.

We spent many months and ran millions of tests to ensure these results are accurate for each and every MLB player.  Reggie Jackson will have many more swings and misses than Ted Williams.  Nolan Ryan will have his fair share of balls thrown earlier in his career compared to later.

Playing with Real-Time Pitching will impact your game play just like it does in realistic MLB situations such as strike'em out, throw'em out and more!

Like an actual MLB game, playing with balls and strikes will take longer to play, but it will also give you an amazingly authentic way to play just like these greats!

Watch The Demo!

Only Baseball Classics Has Real-Time Pitching With Balls & Strikes

Balls, called strikes, swing & miss, and foul balls are all available for you to add even more MLB realism to your game play.

Baseball Classics Will Make You A Major League Baseball Genius!

"I've read dozens of baseball books over the decades and learned a great deal about MLB teams and players.  However, I sharpened my knowledge and game play strategies the most by playing them to truly get to know their tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses."  -- Dean Patino, Baseball Classics Founder

Here's Why!

  • ​Get To Know Any MLB Teams & Players Much Faster & Better:  There's nothing like first-hand experience managing players to truly know their tendencies in game situations with realistic outcomes based on our precision gaming engine color-coded rating system
  • Gain a Keen Understanding of MLB Player Above Average Strengths & Weaknesses: In the blink of an eye you'll see which players are ones can deliver what you need in game situations or avoid with color-coded stats "traffic highlighting"
  • Master How To Handle Virtually Anything That Can Happen In A MLB Game: By facing situations all the way to the final out with Baseball Classics Play Action Simulator (included!) you'll learn how to make the best decisions based on each player's capabilities
  • ​Learn How To Make Optimal Lineups: Built-in Lineup Advisor on every player card will teach you how to make the best lineups for any MLB teams removing the guess work out
  • ​​​Optimize Your Pitching & Bullpen Management: Built-in Lineup Advisor is your guide on every pitcher card to help you build the starting rotation and which pitchers to call in from your bullpen depending upon the game situation
  • ​​Keep Up On The Latest MLB Rules: As MLB incorporates new rules each year, you'll know what they are and be able to play using them with our FREE updates each year
  • ​Sharpens Cognitive Thinking Ability: Besides increasing your math skills, Baseball Classics game play is designed to enhance your logic & reasoning, visual processing, focus, memory, and processing speed.

Proven Statistical Gaming Engine Accuracy

"Just finished a replay of the 1954 World Series between the Cleveland Indians and New York Giants. Much like the actual series, the Indians suffered from a lack of clutch hitting and lost in seven games after having won the first three games. Al Dark and Dusty Rhodes were the hitting stars for New York, and Antonelli won two games, including a game seven 3-0 victory, with Grissom getting the save. Wertz, Avila and Smith hit .300 or better for the Indians, but Rosen and Doby failed to do much, as was the case more than 50 years ago, when the heavily favored Indians collapsed. Dark batted .406 with 13 hits, and Rhodes, like in the past, hit a crucial home run. Many thanks your great, easy-play game."

- Howie Luxenberg, MLB Fan and Baseball Classics Customer
After many years of research, Baseball Classics developed hundreds of algorithms and forecast models in order to generate amazing statistically accurate MLB player outcomes based on their actual season performance.

Our precision gaming engine has been time-tested throughout the decades, played by Major League Baseball fans worldwide.  See more proof here.

From the ground up, Baseball Classics was developed to produce truly realistic statistical MLB player outcomes and designed for fast and easy next generation game play...with the flexibility for baseball fans to replay & relive any teams baseball gaming fans choose 1901 to Present!
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Baseball Classics ​"MLB Legendary Mastery - Art Of A 5-Tool Player", "All-Time Old-Timers", and "Pitching In A Pinch" authored by Hall of Famer Christy Mathewson.

This is *not* a subscription.  Thus, no renewals...enjoy playing forever and automatic new feature updates when we have them on your choice of Baseball Classics online games described above.

P.S.  Reminder, there is NO auto renewal, it's yours to enjoy & play forever!

"I don’t want to beat the proverbial dead ball, but your game is a big ‘HIT’……It’s Field of dreams, The Natural and Eight men out, dice rolled into one! Thank you very much!"

- Col. A. Lara, MLB Fan and Baseball Classics Customer
Baseball Classics was designed for the ground up to be the easiest and fastest game play for you with your choice of any MLB teams with amazingly accurate statistical outcomes based on how players actually performed that season.

Our MLB Greats Web Play Games come with next generation real-time color-coded rating player cards for each historic team; within seconds you'll know their strengths and weaknesses.

Building optimal lineups as Manager is a snap using innovative Lineup Advisor whispering who to start in the field or bring in off the bench, plus which pitchers to start and relievers from the bullpen depending on the game situation.

Includes Real-Time Pitching for every player to play like they did...with balls & strikes!

Stats use "traffic highlighting" instantly informing you where a player is far beyond average strong or well below average.
It Doesn't Matter What If You're Just Learing Baseball Or Consider Yourself An MLB Expert... Baseball Classics Game
Is Perfect For Ages 8 To Over 80 !
With 3 playing levels you can be sure MOST EVERY baseball fan can enjoy playing the game they love, Major League Baseball.  With Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced playing levels it's like having 3 games in one!
Since 1987, MLB Fans Of All Ages Worldwide Are Playing Baseball Classics Next Generation Game
With Any Teams They Want 1901-Present!
Baseball Classics Has Virtually Anything That Can Happen In A MLB Game Such As:
  • ​Bunting
  • Base Stealing
  • Base Running
  • ​Fielding
  • ​Double-Plays
  • ​Triple Plays
  • ​Hit & Run
  • ​Rundowns
  • ​Threatening Weather
  • Bringing Infield In
  • ​​Wild Pitches
  • ​Catcher Wild Overthrows
  • ​Wind blown Fair/Foul Balls
  • ​​Passed Balls
  • ​Dropped Third Strike
  • ​Catcher's Interference
  • ​Balks
  • ​Pickoff Attempts
  • ​Pitchouts
  • ​Arguments With The Ump
  • ​Instant Replay
  • ​Spectator Inference
  • ​Player Injuries
  • ​Hit By Pitch
  • ​Balls & Strikes
  • ​AND MORE!

"…Baseball Classics continues to lead the way in the best simulation on the market."

Loaded With MLB Great Teams & Players
Play Today, Play Forever!
Customers Have Purchased Nearly 2 Million Baseball Classics Next Generation MLB Player Cards!
No Renewal...Play Forever!
We greatly appreciate the thousands of customers since 1987 and have fulfilled their requests to industry leading board game and make it available online to play on just about any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop! Our hope is thousands more will get to enjoy and be even more entrenched than ever with the game they love...Major League Baseball.

Here Is My "Beyond Rock Solid" Guarantee
I'm so confident any MLB fan will truly love playing Baseball Classics Greats Online Game, that if you don't love it in the first 7 days, I'll fully refund your order and you can keep the FREE Bonuses.  No questions asked, just email me personally with your request:

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In every Baseball Classics MLB Greats Web Play Game, you'll get everything you need to play.  And we included Coaching Tips throughout that describe features wherever you're at within your game play action.

It's a fully featured online MLB game experience and as we think of more features, we'll automatically add them for you to access soon as they are available.

Thank you and Enjoy Baseball Classics!
Dean Patino, Founder
P.S. Everything here is available to access online soon after you order.  You'll receive an email or more, depending on what you order, containing everything you need to play today along with your instant access FREE Bonuses too!

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"After discovering your game a couple of weeks ago, I spoke of it on a forum devoted to baseball board games. This resulted in four persons who bought and download the game + one of these like it so much that he will order one directly from you pretty soon!!"

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Bonus #1 - MLB Legendary Mastery eBook
​"MLB LEGENDARY MASTERY - Art Of A 5-Tool Player" eBook
Total Value: $27
Instant access download, it's the quintessential knowledge transfer for baseball fans to learn how 5 MLB all-time greatest mastered an element of a 5-tool player. You'll learn EXACTLY how 180 pound Hank Aaron was able to hammer home runs, Johnny Bench developed his throwing strength, Lou Brock was able to swipe bases at will, Ichiro's technique to consistently hit over .300, and how Willie Mays fielded with amazing abilities!
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Bonus #2 - All-Time Old-Timers eBook
Baseball Classics
Total Value: $27
Instant access download, you'll get "Baseball Classics All-Time Old-Timers" 1st Volume! Once you open it up, you won't want to put down Baseball Classics All-Time Old-Timers with original stories about 56 legendary MLB American and National League players at every position including Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, Walter "Big Train" Johnson, & all the rest... Go ahead look'em in the eye as each player story includes a special old-school designed card with their picture, bio, and lifetime stats! (1st Volume eBook)
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Bonus #3 - Christy Mathewson eBook
"Pitching In A Pinch" by Hall Of Fame Legend, Christy Mathewson
Total Value: $8
​Instant access download to "Pitching in a Pinch" authored by Major League Baseball legendary Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Mathewson based on his experience playing in the early 1900's with remarkable detailed insights and perspectives. You'll feel like you're back in time sitting beside him as he tells his story. (eBook)
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  • Baseball Classics MLB Greats Web Play Game(s) In Your Order (Up to 33% Discount Savings)
  • ​"MLB Legendary Mastery" - Art Of A 5-Tool Player" eBook by Baseball Classics (Value $27)
  • ​"All-Time Old-Timers" eBook by Baseball Classics (Value $27)
  • ​"Pitching In A Pinch" eBook authored by Hall Of Fame Pitcher Christy Mathewson
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