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2023 World Series Baseball Classics Simulation

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Texas Rangers

BC Simulation: Texas 4-3   |   World Series Actual: Texas 4-1

BC Sim 48*/Actual 48
Diff = 0/Team/Game
BC Sim Avg/Game 10.2
Actual Avg/Game 9.6
Diff = 0.3/Team/Game
BC Sim 90*/Actual 85
Diff = 0.5/Team/Game
BC Sim Avg/Game 20.2
Actual Avg/Game 17.0
Diff = 1.6/Team/Game
BC Sim 108*/Actual 85
Diff = 2.3/Team/Game
BC Sim Avg/Game 20.4
Actual Avg/Game 17.0
Diff = 1.7/Team/Game
BC Sim 42*/Actual 35
Diff = 0.7/Team/Game
BC Sim Avg/Game 7.4
BC Sim Avg/Game 7.0
Diff = 0.2/Team/Game
* Accounting for Actual 5 World Series and Simulated Games Played

Baseball Classics Game 7 Simulation Completed 11/3/23

Game 7 Simulation: Texas 7  Arizona 6

Game 7 Actual: Not Necessary (Texas Wins 4 games to 1)

Game 6 Simulation: Texas 9  Arizona 2

Game 6 Actual: Not Necessary (Texas Wins 4 games to 1)

Baseball Classics Game 6 Simulation Completed 11/3/23

Baseball Classics Game 5 Simulation Completed 11/1/23

Game 5 Simulation: Texas 3  Arizona 1

Game 5 Actual: Texas 5  Arizona 0

Baseball Classics Game 4 Simulation Completed 10/31/23

Game 4 Simulation: Texas 7  Arizona 3

Game 4 Actual: Texas 11  Arizona 7

Baseball Classics Game 3 Simulation Completed 10/30/23

Game 3 Simulation: Arizona 4  Texas 3

Game 3 Actual: Texas 3  Arizona 1

Baseball Classics Game 2 Simulation Completed 10/28/23

Game 2 Simulation: Arizona 7  Texas 6

Game 2 Actual: Arizona 9  Texas 1

Baseball Classics Game 1 Simulation Completed 10/27/23

Game 1 Simulation: Arizona 10  Texas 4

Game 1 Actual: Texas 6  Arizona 5

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  •  Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels
  • ​Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland Athletics
  • ​Cleveland Indians-Guardians
  • ​Baltimore/St. Louis Browns-Orioles
  • ​Seattle/Milwaukee Pilots-Brewers
  • ​Boston Red Sox
  • ​Detroit Tigers
  • ​Kansas City Royals
  • ​Washington/Minnesota Senators-Twins
  • ​Chicago White Sox
  • ​New York Yankees
  • ​Washington/Texas Senators-Rangers
  • ​Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays


  •  Houston Colt 45s-Astros
  • ​Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves
  • ​St. Louis Cardinals
  • ​Chicago Cubs
  • ​Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers
  • ​New York/San Francisco Giants
  • ​New York Mets
  • ​San Diego Padres
  • ​Philadelphia Phillies
  • ​Pittsburgh Pirates
  • ​Cincinnati Reds
  • ​Montreal/Washington Expos-Nationals

Manage 728 All-Time Superstars!

Come'on Take BC On...

Are YOU up for the challenge?!
All you need to do is predict the 2023 World Series Champion, if we don't YOU Beat BC & Win!
If Baseball Classics does and you don't, we nail our 6th consecutive World Series projection (2018-2023) and we'll still send you something cool after just for playing!
How It Works
  • YOU: Submit your Beat BC 2023 World Series entry with tie breakers, 1 entry per participant
  • BC: Prior to each 2023 World Series Games, we play a simulated game with Baseball Classics using the same starting lineups & pitchers submitted by each team
  • BC: Before the start of the 1st inning of each 2023 World Series game, Baseball Classics emails our simulated game results to all participants who entered Beat BC 2023 World Series challenge, plus post it on X (Twitter) and Facebook
  • BC: Post the results right here too
  • YOU: If you predicted the correct 2023 World Series Champ and Baseball Classics did not, YOU Beat BC for the win!
  • TIE: In the case of both you and Baseball Classics chooses the correct 2023 World Series Champ, all Tie Breakers will be used to determine if YOU Beat BC for the win!
  • ​BC: If you Beat BC, you'll receive an email from us with your Baseball Classics All-Time Greats Game Premium Edition PDF to print & play within 3 days after the conclusion of the 2023 World Series!  If not, better luck in Beat BC 2024 World Series challenge!

Dean Patino, Baseball Classics Founder

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Beat BC 2023 World Series Challenge FAQ

Q:  Tell me more about Baseball Classics, what is it?

A:   Baseball Classics is a next generation real-time color-coded dice board game that is designed for fast, easy and has proven statistically accurate player outcomes offering ANY Teams 1901-Present for you to manage and play featuring true MLB realism!

Baseball gamers have been playing Baseball Classics worldwide ever since the company launched in 1988.  Baseball Classics MLB player cards are known as the best in the market with color-coded player ratings.  Each player card has Real-Time GM Advisor with Real-Time Pitching (optional play with balls, strikes, etc.) embedded.  Player cards and game play chart cards are the size of a standard poker card, all color-coded throughout.

Baseball Classics Standard Edition player card team sets have up to 24-man rosters (15 position players and 9 pitchers).

Q:  Does it cost anything to play Beat BC 2023 World Series Challenge?

A:   Nope!  Not a penny.

Q:  How many entries can I submit?

A:   One.  Any additional entries from the same person and/or email address will simply be disregarded.

Q:  What happens if I pick the correct 2023 World Series Winner & Baseball Classics does not?

A:   You win!  Within 3 days after the conclusion of the 2023 World Series, you'll automatically receive an email with Baseball Classics #1 Selling All-Time Greats Premium Edition Game to Print & Play FREE ($250 Value)!

Q:  What does "Print & Play" mean?

A:   Baseball Classics Next Generation Real-Time MLB Board Game is available in 3 formats:

1. Boxed Game & Color-Coded Player Cards - Shipped
2. Print & Play Game & Color-Coded Player Cards - PDF Download
3. Web Game On Demand - Play on most any web browser, most any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop

Q:  What happens if I and Baseball Classics both pick the correct 2023 World Series Winner.

A:   Then it's a tie.  This means we go to the tie breaker answers in your submission to see who was closer without going over.

For example: How many games the World Series will last.  If it went 6 games and your entry was for 6 games and Baseball Classics simulation was for 4, 5, or 7, you win!

If we your entry was for 6 games and Baseball Classics simulation was for 6 games, then we go to the next tie breaker which is Total Hits By Both Teams.

If we your entry was for 70 hits and Baseball Classics simulation totaled 70 hits, then we'd go to the final tie breaker which is Total Runs Scored.  If your entry had 25 and Baseball Classics simulated games totaled 30 with the actual being 28, you win (because our simulation projected was over 28).

Q:  What happens if Baseball Classics and my submission both have the wrong team winning the 2023 World Series?

A:   Only entries choosing the correct 2023 World Series Champion have a chance to win.  Thus, if your entry and our simulation projection has the wrong team winning the 2023 World Series, you will receive a consolation prize and Baseball Classics for the first time in 5 seasons will have missed it's simulation projection, ugh!

Q:  When and how does Baseball Classics play the 2023 World Series simulated games?

A:   They are played on game day and finished PRIOR to the START of each World Series game.

For example, Game 1 is scheduled to play on Friday, October 27th.  Baseball Classics will use the same starting lineups & pitchers submitted by both teams to play that day (typically they are released by early afternoon here).

This year, we'll rotate using Baseball Classics 2023 Season Premium (vs. Lefty/Right ratings) and Standard Editions (vs. Overall ratings) Print & Play.  Game 1 we'll simulate using the Premium Edition, Game 2 the Standard Edition, Game 3 Premium Edition, Game 4 Standard Edition, etc.

As the game simulation is played, we'll use Real-Time GM Advisor to make any player substitutions and/or calls to the bullpen for any pitching changes we deem necessary.  Sometimes we'll use Real-Time Pitching throughout the entire simulated game.  Sometimes we'll use both Real-Time Pitching and Real-Time Fielding throughout the entire simulated game.  We'll use Baseball Classics Web Scorefield at times too and other times keep track of the game and score by hand.

Q:  How will I know the results from each Baseball Classics game simulation BEFORE each actual World Series game is played?

A:   You can follow us on X (Twitter) @PlayAnyMLBTeams and Facebook at with live updates posted after each inning played.  Also, all Beat BC 2023 World Series challengers will receive an email with results PRIOR to the start of each World Series game.

Q:  Wait!  What if you play the Baseball Classics simulated game, but it gets rained out before it's played or gets rained out/cancelled before it's counted as a completed game?

A:   As long as both MLB 2023 World Series teams play the make-up game using the same starting lineups and pitchers, Baseball Classics simulated game will stand.  However, if there are any changes to the starting lineups and/or starting pitchers, we will instead simulate the make-up game with those changes and that one will be counted instead of the initial simulation.

Okay, that should do it.  Though if you have another question about Beat BC 2023 World Series Challenge, email us at beatbc@baseballclassics.  Submit your entry no later than Friday, October 27, 2023 at 5PM ET.  See you inside the challenge!

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