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Base Ball Player's Pocket Companion

New Foreword by Dean Patino

"1859, It's The Oldest Known Published Baseball Book!"

Yours FREE Today!

In A Pinch

Revised With Over 100 Player Photos Added

This Book Sold For $1.25 In 1912 (Sold for $13,200 at an auction!)

Yours FREE Today!

Single Season All-Time All-Stars

Every MLB Franchise Team, All Positions

"Every Player Since 1901 to Present Rated and Ranked!"

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From: Dean Patino

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This is the beginning of a new Baseball Classics revolution for board gaming...and this time it includes YOU!

​As the Founder of Baseball Classics, I designed a brand new, engaging experience that will incredibly elevate your love for MLB far more than ever before.

Let's level set, how many of these have you experienced?

1.  You may have played Baseball Classics next generation real-time game or likely played other MLB board games.

2.  You may have even played in a baseball board game League now and then.

3.  You may have visited a baseball board game forum or chatted in social media about it.

4. Surely you have searched MLB player stats...probably hundreds if not, thousands of times.

5. What about Baseball books and/or periodicals, you probably have a good number of those at home right now.

Here’s What’s In-Store For You

When You Test-Drive 'DiamondLink" Today


Enjoy These 10 Amazing DiamondLink Benefits When You Join...

Monthly Member Benefit #1

Your Choice of Any 3 MLB Teams 1901-Present!

Download ANY 3 Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB teams 1901 to Present each month, to print and play! Yes, even during your Free trial. Your teams arrive in a PDF file; their cards are beautifully designed to print perfectly on standard 8 1/2" X 11" paper with dashed trim lines should you want to cut them out as individual player cards.

Teams consist of a 28-man roster, 12 pitchers and 16 position players, equipped with comprehensive statistics. Enjoy gameplay options with split lefty/righty plus overall performance ratings, all color-coded, ready for print & play. Experience Baseball Classics strategic next generation MLB gameplay, managing real-time scenarios and matchups, enhancing realism and engagement.

Monthly Member Benefit #2

Web Scorefield: Play Faster Games

Grab your Baseball Classics Premium Edition player cards and elevate your game with exclusive access to our Web Scorefield app, offering up to 50% faster gameplay! Designed to revolutionize your experience, it features an interactive digital game board that makes each session seamless.

With point-and-click functionality, Web Scorefield simplifies gameplay from the first to final out. Enjoy animated dice rolls, track scores, innings, outs, base runners, and even pitch counts when choosing to play like they do using Real-Time Pitching.

​All Game Play Chart cards are digitized and readily accessible, complemented by a built-in Umpire Clicker, scoresheet, and quick tips. The app provides comprehensive support throughout, ensuring you understand and maximize every feature.

Monthly Member Benefit #3

Baseball Classics Real-Time Game Add-Ons

Enjoy immediate and extensive access to Baseball Classics downloadable Real-Time Game add-on components to print & play.

Baseball Classics latest innovative gameplay enhancements and intuitive design so you can focus empower you with strategy without getting bogged down by complex rules or bloated charts, making time to play more games!

This includes two Baseball Classics real-time game add-ons: Real-Time Strategy Manager and Real-Time Dugout Manager you won't want to miss

​These components will challenge your every move managing MLB teams and players! 

Monthly Member Benefit #4

Baseball Classics Magazine

For the first time, we're publishing Baseball Classics Magazine and shipping it in full color every month to your home along with the Free MLB Team in each issue we print for you to print, and play!

You'll love the high quality production in your hands with print size that should spare most from wearing readers. Insiders Game Club membership also grants you access to our Baseball Classics Magazine digital archive with...yes, the Free MLB team in each issue!

​You're guaranteed to increase your MLB IQ every month with Baseball Classics Magazine at your side.

Monthly Member Benefit #5

Baseball Classics Digital Library

With Baseball Classics, you'll enjoy immediate and exclusive access to our extensive Digital Library with our MLB eBooks, eZines, eBooklets, and any new publications we add.

This extensive range of materials ensures that every member, whether a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, can deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the game.

One of the key benefits of this digital library is the strategic insights it provides. Members can explore in-depth analyses, tactics, and historical perspectives that are crucial for enhancing their gameplay.

Whether you’re looking to improve your performance in board games or simply want to understand the nuances of Major League Baseball further, these resources offer invaluable information that can help you sharpen your skills and strategies.

Monthly Member Benefit #6

Baseball Classics MLB Diamond Data

Baseball Classics MLB Diamond Data is a revolutionary tool for avid board gamers, providing comprehensive and detailed statistics including Sabermetrics for a truly immersive experience.

This data resource offers precise player stats, enabling Insiders to make informed strategic decisions by filtering, sorting, and/or grouping stats. With access to historical and current MLB data 1901 to Present, you're sure to discover hidden statistical gems in this goldmine of data, enhancing both gameplay and enjoyment.

It is an indispensable asset to elevate your Baseball Classics experience to the next level.

Monthly Member Benefit #7

Beat BC to Win Cash Every Month

Can you beat Baseball Classics at its own game?!

After your Free Trial, we're excited to bring our popular 'Beat BC World Series Challenge,'  inside DiamondLink giving a number of members a chance to win up to $100 cash on the spot every month hosted by Baseball Classics Founder.

This time, we're expanding Beat BC to include a variety of competitions during a live Zoom meeting hosted by Baseball Classics Founder, Dean Patino.

Members can test their strategy, real-time game decision making, or participate in home run contests, and more—all using the Baseball Classics game.  

Monthly Member Benefit #8

Hosted Championship League Play

Once you've finished your Free Trial, when available, step onto the top step of the dugout and manage a Major League Baseball team against other Insiders with Baseball Classics' next-generation real-time game!

Every fall and spring, Baseball Classics hosts interested DiamondLink members in league play to compete for the Championship title.

​Your strategic prowess will be put to the test with various themes, challenging you to manage MLB teams from 1901 to the present. We'll supply the teams; you bring the wit, sharp decision-making, and unyielding desire for victory and glory.

Monthly Member Benefit #9

Whopping 75% Discount Shipped Player Cards

Want them shipped too?! After your Free Trial membership, we unlock your whopping 75% discount OFF any Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB Teams Player Card Sets shipped (only) purchased at! Plus, we'll prioritize your orders and ship them via complimentary USPS Priority Mail to your home.

Baseball Classics Premium Edition player cards are dual-sided, with color-coded player ratings meticulously designed for maximum strategic play. Manage matchups with platoon lefties and righties splits on one side, while the reverse side showcases overall performance ratings. Player cards are loaded with stats including Sabermetrics plus built-in Real-Time Pitching, Fielding, and GM Advisor features.

​Crafted for visual clarity and durability, these cards measure 3 1/2" x 5" and are made from robust card stock with smooth, rounded edges, ensuring a premium tactile experience and easy handling.

Monthly Member Benefit #10

Save With 25% Off Everything Else

After your Free Trial, DiamondLink membership opens up for you to get 25% savings on everything else inside our store at

Not only do you knock it out of the park with 75% discount when ordering any Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB Teams Player Card Sets shipped to your home, also keep more money in your bank account anytime you want to add any of Baseball Classics products listed in our online shop.

These generous discounts afford you the ability to get what you want, when you want it at affordable pricing that are lower than our top competitors to ensure you are getting the best MLB board game for the best pricing in the market!

Monthly Member Benefit #11

Baseball Classics Negro Leagues

DiamondLink members will have the incredible opportunity to play through full seasons of the Negro Leagues with Baseball Classics Standard Edition. Every month another season will be dripped in from our Baseball Classics Cloud to download, print & play!

This collection not only honors the rich history and legacy of these legendary players but also brings their stories to life through immersive gameplay. Featuring meticulously researched player stats and realistic game mechanics, fans can relive the excitement and drama of the Negro Leagues. This addition provides an enriching, educational, and highly engaging experience, celebrating the remarkable contributions of Negro League baseball to America's pastime.

Monthly Member Benefit #12

Baseball Classics Community

Being part of the DiamondLink community provides a unique platform to connect with fellow passionate Baseball Classics gamers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement. Engaging with others who share a love for MLB enhances your experience through exchanging strategies, participating in competitive events, and celebrating victories together.

The DiamondLink community offers online support, motivation, and a wealth of knowledge, making every interaction that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Joining this vibrant network elevates your gaming journey beyond just playing, creating lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

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And We'll Ship You These 3 Gifts for FREE!

FREE Gift #1 ($15.99 Value)

FREE Gift #2 ($24.99 Value)

FREE Gift #3 ($34.99 Value)

Yours FREE Today!

Base Ball Player's Pocket Companion

New Foreword by Dean Patino

"1859, It's The Oldest Known Published Baseball Book!"

Yours FREE Today!

In A Pinch

Revised With Over 100 Player Photos Added

This Book Sold For $1.25 In 1912 (Sold for $13,200 at an auction!)

Yours FREE Today!

Single Season All-Time All-Stars

Every MLB Franchise Team, All Positions

"Every Player Since 1901 to Present Rated and Ranked!"

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Rare Baseball Books

But I’m Not Just Talkin’ About Any Old Books...

“How rare?” you may be asking yourself.

​The following two baseball books I'm talkin' about are well over 100 years old.

These are cherished Baseball books by historians...

The original "Base Ball Player's Pocket Companion," published in 1859 by Mayhew & Baker, is an incredibly rare and significant piece of baseball history. According to various sources, including the Library of Congress and History of Information, there are very few known copies of this original book in existence. The scarcity of this publication, coupled with its historical importance as the first book exclusively devoted to baseball, makes it a coveted item among collectors and historians.

What makes it's 1859 revised edition book special?

We published it word for word, page by page exactly as the original version including spacing. When there was a blank page, we included a blank page. The fonts were formatted as close as possible to the original.

And we didn't stop there. I added a Foreword and Backword that embraces the historical significance of baseball it covers. The final touches were choosing yellow shaded throwback looking pages, bound with a beautiful glossy hard cover taking you back in time of the orgins of baseball.

​The original book "Pitching in a Pinch" by Christy Mathewson, published in 1912, is quite rare and highly valued among collectors. Original editions, especially those with Mathewson's signature, have been known to fetch substantial amounts at auctions. One such signed copy sold for $26,437 in 2007​. The scarcity and historical significance of these original editions make them particularly prized in the sports memorabilia community.

What makes it's 1912 revised edition book special?

Sure, you can find this public domain book in Amazon or other places.  However, you won't find any that have added over 100 player photos embedded. Whoever author and Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Mathewson writes about, there picture is included. Even if it was simply a mere mention in passing, that player's photo was included to give the reader a visualization of the type of player he is referring to.  This revised edition also includes the handful of pictures that are in the original.

It was an honor to write the Foreword for this special 1912 revised edition. With all the photos in this book, I choose white pages and topped it off with an image of Christy Mathewson standing on the mound in full color sporting a New York Giants uniform with a dark blue background so he deservedly stands out.

A labor of love is the book I authored to round out your 3 Free gifts: Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars: Legends of the Diamond

It offers a compelling journey through the hallowed annals of baseball, celebrating the extraordinary achievements that have shaped the sport's storied history. This comprehensive tome is an essential addition to any baseball aficionado's library, meticulously cataloging the most outstanding single-season performances across all 30 Major League Baseball franchises.This book is a tribute to the players who not only excelled, but also transcended the game.

It is created for enthusiasts who cherish such extraordinary achievements. It is an essential read and a quintessential reference for your baseball library, meticulously chronicling the best single-season performances by position across all 30 Major League Baseball franchises 1901 to present.

The book highlights two players for each infield position, six outfielders, and twelve pitchers from each team, celebrating a range of legends from iconic Hall of Famers to those who blazed brightly in a single, unforgettable season. Intriguingly, some names recur, having delivered top-tier performances for different teams, highlighting the dynamic nature of trades and free agency in baseball's rich history.

​The analysis covers over 23,000 players since 1901, with most playing more than one season, that’s over 62,000 MLB player statistical information in our database called MLB Diamond Data you'll get access to as an Insider. These selected few represent the elite, which calculates to about 1% (840 out of over 62,000 players) spanning more than a century.

​These 3 special gifts span nearly 200 years of baseball history from it's orgins, to first hand Hall of Fame player stories, to the greatest single season performances to date in MLB history 1901 to Present.

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Join To Become A Member of ‘Diamond Link’ Today and You’ll Get:

  • THREE FREE gifts which include: (Value $75.97)
  • Base Ball Player's Pocket Companion - 1859 Revised Edition
  • ​Pitching In A Pitch - 1912 Revised Edition
  • Baseball Classics Single Season All-Time All-Stars - 2024 Edition
  • THREE Baseball Classics Digital Premium Edition MLB Teams (Value $28.47/mo)
  • Web Scorefield (Value $5/mo)
  • Baseball Classics Real-Time Game Add-Ons ($5/mo Value)
  • Baseball Classics Magazine + 1 MLB Team Delivered To Your Home (Value $20/mo)
  • Baseball Classics MLB Digital Library (Value $10/mo)
  • Baseball Classics MLB Diamond Data  (Value $10/mo)
  • Beat BC Challenges (Value $100 /mo - available after Free Trial)
  • Hosted Championship League Play (Value $10/mo - available after Free Trial)
  • 75% OFF Baseball Classics Shipped Premium Edition MLB Teams/mo (available after Free Trial)
  • 25% OFF Everything Else At (available after Free Trial)
  • Baseball Classics Negro League Seasons (Value $50/mo - available after Free Trial)
  • Baseball Classics DiamondLink Community + Support  (Priceless!)

Total Value:

$238 /mo + Gifts = $314

But You Can Start Today For FREE!

Time Is of The Essence!

We have a limited supply of FREE gifts to give away. Once we reach the first 50 founding members, then the price will go up minus all the free gifts...

​So don’t wait! This special 30-day test-run won’t be up for long…

100% Satisfaction

If by the off chance you don’t fall in love with Baseball Classics DiamondLink, then you can cancel within the FREE 7-day trial and keep the free gifts on us!

This guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch content, exclusive insights, and engaging activities tailored for baseball enthusiasts.

We strive to provide your 100% satisfaction, thus stand behind the quality of your experience, content and the value it provides, aiming to create a vibrant community for fans to connect and deepen their love for the game. The risk-free trial period is designed to ensure every member feels confident and satisfied with their decision to join.



We're grateful for decades of raving reviews from our customers, year after year.

“I love the game! every season available quick fast play excellent quality cards I recently received two seasons and just ordered 7 more! The game delivers every promise you made. Thanks for making such a great game!”  -- Rich Gusman

“I don’t want to beat the proverbial dead ball, but your game is a big ‘HIT’……It’s Field of dreams, The Natural and Eight men out, dice rolled into one! Thank you very much!”

— Col. A. Lara

“Have been playing board baseball games since 1963. Your game is not only fun, it is accurate, quick, and outstanding in it’s appearance. The fact that I can get any team or league since 1901 is amazing.”


“I have been a Strat O Matic player for 25 years but after ordering your 1980 set…just could not put it down!!”


“Your player cards are truly the best of the best.”

— John Kuchar, TBC Games

“I think this game is terrific. I believe it is the best table-top baseball game on the market. It’s ease of play combined with the easy to read card lay-out makes it a winner! I have played All-Star Baseball, Strat, Program IV Baseball, The Baseball Card Game…”


​“One look at Baseball Classics player cards and in 5 seconds I could tell how to play!”


“I have tested some of the latest tabletop baseball games on the market and Baseball Classics is the bar that all other games strive for. Baseball Classics: Best Price, best system, best teams, and best playability! I have put Baseball Classics in the Tabletop Baseball Game HOF.”

“This game is very addictive. I love it.”

“I am really enjoying the All-Time Greats game edition. Just looking at the cards for each team really brings back some memories.”

“So far I have played 2 games with my new game and i really love it. Big chances that your game become one of my favorite.”

“I really like the way the cards are designed. Very visual and nice looking.”

“…Baseball Classics continues to lead the way in the best simulation on the market.”

“…I have played Strat-O-Matic and Extra Innings for many years, but it is great to play a game that is fast, fun and accurate.”

“I am really enjoying the all-time greats game edition. Just looking at the cards for each team really brings back some memories.”

I" greatly appreciate the work that your team has done in providing a great easy tabletop baseball game.”

“Thanks again for an awesome game, and a very enjoyable hobby.”


“After discovering your game a couple of weeks ago, I spoke of it on a forum devoted to baseball board games. This resulted in four persons who bought and download the game + one of these like it so much that he will order one directly from you pretty soon!!”

“I greatly appreciate the work that your team has done in providing a great easy tabletop baseball game.”

“Thank you for your quick response. I will recommend Baseball Classics to my friends.”

“…wanted to let you know that I had a blast! Great game, easy and quick to play.”

"I really love this game, I play it almost every day!"

Here's What To Do Next

From here, it’s just finalizing your subscription so we can mail out your FREE gifts!

To get started, go ahead and click the button below and you’ll be able to dive in and start diving right away.

Sign up now and unlock your game changing experience.

Here’s to the exciting Baseball Classics DiamondLink experience you deserve!

Dean Patino

Baseball Classics DiamondLink FAQ



Baseball Classics created Diamond Link, the ultimate MLB board gaming experience officially launched July 1st, 2024.


Most definitely! Choose ANY Baseball Classics Premium Edition (with split L/R and overall ratings) MLB Teams, we offer all of them 1901 - Present and we'll add them into your DiamondLink membership portal to download, print & play.


Besides your 3 FREE gifts (just cover 20 bucks for shipping), and starting July 1st your choice of ANY 3 Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB Teams that time you'll also get Baseball Classics Web Scorefield, Baseball Classics Real-Time Game Add-Ons, Baseball Classics Magazine plus the Free Baseball Classics Team of the Month in that issue, Baseball Classics MLB Digital Library, Baseball Classics MLB Diamond Data, and access into Baseball Classics DiamondLink Community with support access to all the above!

what file format are the baseball Classics premium Edition mlb teams for download?

They are in standard Adobe PDF file format. Each Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB team fits perfectly on 8 1/2" X 11" paper, 8 pages per team, 4 for the split lefty/righty and 4 for overall rating player cards. All are the exact same as we ship, with color-coded ratings, plus added trim lines in case you'd like to cut them out as individual player cards.

Since you'll be able to download them anytime from your active member profile page and of course download them to your own computer, you'll never have to worry about spilling coffee on them or any other way they might get damaged since you'll always have them safely in a PDF file.  Here's the first page example of what the PDF file looks like for the 1978 Chicago Cubs with overall color-coded player ratings.

cash prizes every month, how do i win those?!

100% right, yes, every month. The monthly Beat BC (Baseball Classics) Challenge will be via live Zoom every month, cash prizes will be paid on the spot via PayPal. Any Insiders can choose to take us on for a chance to win! Members can win up to $100/mo . Must be present to have a chance to win.

​Beat BC Challenges will consist a various contests. Some based on strategic game decisions, some based on Home Runs, etc. Always using Baseball Classics Premium Edition to determine the outcome played by the challengers.  We estimate monthly Beat BC Challenges will last about 30 to 45 minutes with various opportunities to win cash! It's just a slice of your time any month those Insiders want to take us on!


Baseball Classics will host and organize league play twice every year using the Premium Edition game.  Leagues will take place the Fall and Spring each year. Details to be announced in the near future.

what are the future plans for baseball classics diamondclub?

Since DiamondLink is on an extensible platform, we are planning to add more features that will be announced as they are available.

What is baseball classics web scorefield?

Baseball Classics Web Scorefield contains a complete set of game parts digitized for an engaging experience using most any web browser on most any device.  Just grab your Baseball Classics Premium Edition player cards and play using Web Scorefield!

It's THE fastest way to play Baseball Classics games!

  • Dice: Animated point & click color-coded dice rolls, there's even a peek-a-boo six-sided summarizer for displaying their total
  • Game Board: Baseball Classics Web Scorefield allows for interactive ways to track the score, innings, outs, runners on base, and even balls and strikes if you choose to play with Real-Time Pitching
  • Umpire Clicker: Of course! It's synced up with Web Scorefield to track the score, inning, outs, plus ball and strikes if you choose to play like they did using Real-Time Pitching
  • Game Play Chart Cards: The complete set is available at the click of your mouse or fingertips
  • ​Field Manager's Rulebook: Yes, the full set of Baseball Classics game play instructions is included inside the Web Scorefield app.
  • Built-in Scorecard: It's there too. Put in lineups, keep score of your game and on devices that support download and printing, you can do that too.
  • Coaching Hints: Clicking on that light bulb icon will pop-up an explainer for that area of Web Scorefield you're on.
  • Web Scorefield Rulebook: Last, but not least, you have full access inside Web Scorefield to view how to use it.


'The Ball Player's Pocket Companion' 1849 revised edition hardcover shipped to them. It's the oldest known book published about baseball and replicates the formatting of the original, every word, every page plus includes a foreword and afterword by Baseball Classics Founder, Dean Patino.  There are less than 10 known original copies and one of the last ones sold at an auction for over $30,000.

'Pitching In A Pitch' 1912 revised hardcover book edition authored in 1912 by Hall of Fame pitcher, Christy Mathewson. What's special about this book is over 100 pictures of players and managers have been added where Mathewson shares his firsthand experience with them. You won't find this in any other revised edition, let alone with a full color hardcover. Once again, Dean Patino, Baseball Classics Founder writes the Foreword for this special edition.

'Baseball Classics Single Single All-Time All-Stars' 2024 Edition from the Legends of the Diamond series authored by it's founder, Dean Patino. It's the only book featuring the greatest Major League Baseball player performances in a single season, rated and ranked by position for all 30 franchise teams. It's loaded with over 550 pages with write-ups of 840 players including the color-coded Baseball Classics cards.  This book also contains a Foreword by Dean Patino.


You can pause your membership anytime, it's all self-service. When you do, if your DiamondLink membership was already paid that month, you'll receive your Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB Teams, if not, we'll wait until you're unpaused and are ready to get back inside. Access to everything within DiamondLink and discounts will be paused until you activate your membership again.

after my first month, can i cancel?

Yes, our course and it's self-service so no need to be bothered with telling us why. You get to keep all your Free gifts too.  Though we don't think you'll want to miss out on everything inside each month!  There's no other membership like this for MLB board gamers and it will only get better as we to continue add more amazing benefits and value.

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